Craft Buddy Premium Quality Glue

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Dawn Bibby's glue is perfect for artists, crafters and all papercrafts. It is used for adhering paper, glitter, card and much more. You wil also recieve a fine tip which will allow you to easily and precisly draw out letters, number, shapes and much more.

This is a fast drying, non-toxic adhesive that has excellent bonding properties.

You only need to appy a thin layer to one side, bring your pieces together and let them air dry.

This glue is:

  • Acid free
  • Water based
  • Non-toxic
  • Fast grab
  • Quick set
  • Dries clear
  • Strong bond
  • Good shelf life in excess of 12 months (close cap, store between 5 -25 centigrade)


  • Keep away from direct/indirect sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of children 
  • Wash off skin with water as repeated contact may cause irritation 
  • Wash splashes in eyes or mouth with excess water 
  • If necessary seek medical advice
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